Monday, June 15, 2009

The Confidant

Winslow Homer's Boy and Girl at the Hillside

The confidant is a particularly wonderful resource for a woman (no sarcasm). He can be a best friend from high school chemistry, a next-door neighbor from childhood (with whom you used to run wild on golf courses), an ex-boyfriend, an ex-boyfriend's best friend... In some instances, a woman only calls upon her confidant during times of emotional burden, extreme confusion regarding the opposite sex, or exciting news. In other instances, he is the keeper of all her secrets and hopes.

Good confidants are gems of insight, and deserve their own day right up next to Father's day and Valentine's. I do worry, however, that the confidant relationship has gone awry. There is a fine balance between trusting a guy friend with concerns, and treating him as one would a fellow girl.

Of course, this begs the questions
1) How do women relate to other women? In what way is this different from men relating to men? In our ambiguous society, is this even a legitimate question?
2) If each sex does, in fact, have its own self-relational standards, is cross over bad?

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