Friday, June 5, 2009


After a three month pause, I've decided to begin thinking again...

I recently read a WSJ article on rising infidelity in newly-married couples. In 1991, 13% of men and 11% of women under 30 reported cheating on their spouse. In 2006, the numbers rose to 19% and 13%, respectively. What's behind the rise? We can't blame co-education- that happened gradually, and years before. However, the author notes,
"It is very common, for instance, for 20-somethings to form close, long-lasting friendships with members of the opposite sex." (reaction- A non-romantic friendship across sexes can pose a threat to a romantic relationship?!)

The co-ed college scene offers plenty of opportunities for non-romantic friendships, especially with the disappearance of traditional dating (to be defined/ defended later). I'd like to spend a few posts investigating the nature of these non-romantic relationships.

Raphael's Plato's Academy


  1. I think you're missing one key factor: ambiguity.

  2. Matt- absolutely. I'll get there soon, never fear!